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5 Painless Tips for Hemorrhoids Pain Relief

Hemorrhoids are painful conditions that often hamper normal life. Almost everyone suffers from hemorrhoid at some point in life and this necessitates knowing simple techniques that can alleviate it. Also the Pain associated with hemorrhoids is usually agonizing; all the more reason why one might want to avail a painless hemorrhoid relief. Here are five simple tips for getting relief from hemorrhoids that are painless and easy to follow.

Diet rich in fiber

Diet occupies a major role in treating hemorrhoids. Since this medical condition makes defecating painful, so you should make sure that you can pass stool easily. A diet rich in fibers will ensure this. So start adding fibers to your diet. You should have more of leafy vegetables and also fruits that contain high amount of fiber. Beans, broccoli, oat bran, whole grain foods should form a part of your diet.

You should also have plenty of liquids. Having adequate water will keep the stool soft and you will feel less pain while passing it.

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Exercise regularly

Exercising, when done in moderation stimulates bowel movements. This is helpful in getting relief from painful hemorrhoids. You should indulge in aerobic exercises. Walking or jogging may also help. Make sure that you exercise for 30 to 40 minutes per day.

Ice pack

Hemorrhoids often cause excruciating pain and swelling. Applying ice packs regularly will provide relief from this situation. Put the ice in a piece of cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin and apply it on the affected areas for around 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure for at least three days. This is a simple yet effective tip for getting rid of the hemorrhoid pain.

 Sitz bath

This is simply a warm water bath that is known to provide relief from hemorrhoid pain. Fill a tub with warm water about 6-12 inches deep and sit in it. Your anal area should be covered by the warm water. It is advisable to take this warm bath for around 20 minutes after a bowel movement. You should repeat it 2-3 times daily. This is a painless and easy tip to alleviate pain, itching and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.


Apply topical medicines

Plenty of topical medicines are available in the market that provide relief from hemorrhoid. Most of these ointments can be procured as over-the-counter drugs. These creams contain local anesthetic or hydrocortisone and are very effective. Ointments like phenylephrine also provide instant relief. These medicines can be used for a week to lessen the pain and the swelling. Witch hazel wipes have no harmful side effects and can be used to relieve the pain.

Change in lifestyle

Along with medication and diet, you should also bring small changes in your lifestyle. Get enough sleep and try to hit the sack early. Create a routine and try to defecate at a particular time every day. Establishing a bowel habit will help in treating hemorrhoid successfully. Whenever you feel the urge to defecate, visit the bathroom.

Try to wear loose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and also allow ventilation in the area. Loose clothes will also reduce compression and heal the swelling fast.

These are five painless tips that you can use to get relief from hemorrhoid pain.

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