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Effective Home Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases which are experienced by most of the adults in this world. Hemorrhoids are really the most embarrassing problem for millions of people globally. Due to the increasing of health consciousness among the sufferers of hemorrhoids they have opted to care of their problem themselves. Though there are many remedial therapies for this painful problem but the most used therapy is home treatments which had controlled the problem much effectively.

Though there are many medical treatments of the problem and you should also consult your physician about your problem to control it from getting worsened but home treatments give an immediate effect on the painful and irritative effect of the problem. There are a number of home treatments that can be used to prevent as well as cure this irritating and painful problem without making additional expenses on it. You should use home made treatments for hemorrhoids regularly to prevent its existence and cure the existing problem.

Home treatments for hemorrhoids

  • Cold compresses: Cold compresses are the most effective treatment to reduce the inflammations and swelling in the external hemorrhoids. It will help in relieving the pain by putting ice cube on the effected place wrapped in plastic container.
  •  Sitz bath: Sitz bath is a hot treatment of the hemorrhoids jst like cold compresses as patient has to sit in luke warm water mixed with salt to give it hot compresses. It will help in reducing the inflammation in hemorrhoids. Severally hot and cold compresses are given to the patient to make it more and speedily effective.
  • Drink water: Drinking plenty of water will help in softening of the stool so that it can easily pass out during bowel movement. Drinking ample water also helps in improving digestion system to eliminate constipation, a major cause of hemorrhoids. A healthy person should drink at least 8-10 glass of water in a day.
  • Eat high fiber food: You should change the schedule and menu of your routine diet by adding fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables in it. Fibrous food will help in improving your digestive system and removing constipation. This food will clear out your intestines to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids in future. You should select the easily digestive food for your diet on the basis of your experience. Eating fibrous food will ease the defecation of stool and reducing the pain.
  • Lubrication of rectal region: You can use any chemical and alcohol free cream to lubricate the passage of stool to make it easy for the stool to pass out without making it painful. In case of external hemorrhoids, pushing in the hemorrhoids after greasing them also relieves the patient from irritation and pain.
  • Herbal treatments: There are a number of Herbal treatments improve the digestive system and eliminate the condition of constipation to relieve the patient from the pain and burning itching in the hemorrhoids.


Thus, the problem of hemorrhoids can be easily and effectively treated with home treatments.


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