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Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy – What To do

Whether you know it or not bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be a common thing especially since they are basically veins in the anal are which become swollen due to the pressure of carrying the excess weight of their unborn baby. The veins tend to fill up with too much blood which will cause them to swell over time eventually leading to the hemorrhoid.

The most common time during pregnancy for this to occur is between the later part of the second trimester and the first part of the third trimester especially since at this point the pressure of the baby dilates the veins.  While other times hemorrhoids only appear during the onset of childbirth.

Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy are typically painful and itchy and are always found in around the anal area. While many women tend to be embarrassed by it they are informed by their doctors that this can be a common thing and pregnancy and should not be embarrassed by it.

Understanding exactly what bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy is and how they form will often be just what you need to help calm your nerves and to get the appropriate treatment for it. When hemorrhoids are firmed an excess of blood is interlaced inside the vein. Hemorrhoids are inside the anal cavity they may start to bleed of the pregnant women becomes constipated. Once the stool comes in contact and rubs against the vein and consists of any hard pushes the vein may burst causing it to bleed.  However, these types of hemorrhoids aren’t very painful unless it’s an internal hemorrhoid that will block the anal cavity. The biggest thing that you should do if this occurs is to drink lost of water in addition to a high fiber diet to help soften the stools and will prevent the bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy less likely to be pressed on against the anal wall.


Typically when see bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy the blood will occur either with the stool or on the tissue and while most aren’t dangerous there are times when bleeding can be harmful to you or your baby which is why you should consult with your physician or be checked as soon as possible to determine if more is going on than what you may think.


The best thing that any pregnant woman can do to help prevent bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to drink lots of fluid especially water and eat properly which will help with normal bowel movements. As with any other pregnancy symptom such as morning sickness this can occur and will just go away with time but should never be ignored.  Many women never suffer from hemorrhoids at all but if they do they usually clear up either before or after delivery and if you notice any bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy make sure to talk to your doctor so they can rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing the bleeding and address it accordingly and if nothing else it will help to put your mind at ease that things are going fine with your pregnancy.