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What You Need To Know About Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid is a common medical problem that does not usually call for medical intervention. However, in case of bleeding hemorrhoid, the situation may get painful and hence you may have to seek medical help. However, it is important that you know what causes bleeding hemorrhoid and are ready to deal with it in time.

What are hemorrhoids?

Firstly, you should know that everybody has hemorrhoids. They are the clumps or cushions of tissues that are located within the anal canal. These tissues contain blood vessels and also muscles and elastic fibers.

So, having hemorrhoids is not normal as we all have it. It is when the hemorrhoids enlarge they cause pain and discomfort and you may have to seek medical attention.

So, enlarged hemorrhoids those slide down the anal canal cause pain, itching and even bleeding. You should also know that hemorrhoids are of two types – internal and external.

The internal hemorrhoids, when get enlarged, cause problems which may include anal itchiness, bleeding and prolapse.

What causes bleeding hemorrhoids?

There are several factors that cause hemorrhoids, namely, constipation, pregnancy and lifestyle habits. People who find it difficult to pass stool are more prone to suffer from hemorrhoids. Most women complain of hemorrhoids pain during pregnancy.

Lifestyle problems like not having adequate fibers and water cause hemorrhoids. Stress and tension may also contribute to it.

Other than these, sitting in the toilet for too long and straining during passing stool are also found to aggravate hemorrhoids.

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