Thrombosed external hemorrhoid cure without surgery

Hemorrhoids are a common medical condition that affects thousands of men and women every year and while it may be painful or itchy they can usually be treated with some type of medication which eliminates the need for surgery. Hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels in the anus become inflamed and the two types of hemorrhoids are external and internal.

External hemorrhoids occur when blood vessels outside the anus become inflamed and those that occur outside are usually more painful than the internal ones. If a hemorrhoid becomes thrombosed the pain can be excruciating if not immediately treated. This occurs when a blood clot occurs within the hemorrhoid which means you will need to contact your physician to discuss what a thrombosed external hemorrhoid cure without surgery would be available to help reduce the inflammation and help with the pain.

Even though the condition is painful it doesn’t pose any serious risks so you will be informed on a thrombosed external hemorrhoid cure without surgery option that will give you the relief that you need. Some of the more common options include warm baths which can help to soothe the pain first of all. It’s recommended that you sit in a warm bath at least two times per day and as much as four if it really helps for 15 – 20 minutes each time.

Another thrombosed external hemorrhoid cure without surgery option is to alleviate the constipation which is one of the biggest leading factors of the problem especially since leads to the excessive straining that cause the blood vessels to swell to begin with. In order to prevent constipation you may need to change or improve your diet by drinking lots of fluids especially water and eating a diet that is high in fiber. If you find that by changing your diet, it’s not helping with the constipation your doctor make recommend an over the counter or even prescription medication to help regulate bowel movements.

For pain you can use Motrin or Tylenol unless otherwise instructed by your doctor because the anti-inflammatory ingredients found in both of these medications can help to eliminate the pain and swelling caused by the hemorrhoids. Once you have taken something for the pain and enjoyed a warm bath you may want to avoid sitting for long period’s time. Instead of sitting in the same period for specific periods of time change your position and stand up if possible because taking pressure off the anus can help to give relief as well.

One final option when it comes to finding a thrombosed external hemorrhoid cure without surgery is to decrease your daily activity if possible. There are various activities which may cause more pain so avoid them if possible at least for a few days until the hemorrhoids begin to clear up. The time it takes for them to completely go away varies from one person to another but within 14 days you should see a big difference and should be relatively pain free otherwise you may have to revisit your doctor to discuss other options.

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